2024-2025 Permission to Skate Form Request (Manvers MHA) (Manvers Minor Hockey)

2024-2025 Permission to Skate Form Request (Manvers MHA)
A PTS (Permission to skate) form is required to tryout for AAA. Manvers Minor Hockey's AAA Zone is the Central Ontario Wolves (COW). Please fill out a separate request form for each player requesting these documents (if you have multiple players in the same residence). This form should not be filled out until after the players are registered in the HCR system. All AAA PTS's from Manvers will be issued to The COW. If a player at U14 or higher wishes to try out at another AAA centre they must also submit a PTS request to COW. This can be found on COW's website. If trying out at a AAA centre other then COW a PTS is required from both Manvers and COW

Player Information

Information must be complete and accurate or the request will not be reviewed and completed.

Player History

Permission To Skate Form Request

Check the PTS box if you are requesting a Permission to Skate form for a AAA tryout with the Central Ontario Wolves, and select the division you will be trying out for.

Contact Information

You will be contacted via email or phone with any questions.

I agree that the information contained in this request form is accurate.

I understand that the above listed player must be pre-registered with Manvers Minor Hockey Association prior to receiving a PTS form. By completing this form I agree to be pre-registered with Manvers Minor Hockey for the 2024-25 season.